Mark has worked in the insurance industry

for the last 12 years. Prior to joining Zipari,

he worked at consumer-oriented companies including Apple and Disney. He is focused

on making health insurance easier for

consumers to understand, purchase and


For health plans, the term 'consumer experience' often conjures up an image of a member shopping for a plan, looking for a provider or comparing costs for a drug or procedure. With the help of consumer tools and a CRM system specifically designed for health plans, the total consumer experience from the front lines to the back office can be enhanced to bring better value to members.

This free webinar will walk through 'a day in the life' of consumers, examining how the front lines and back office work in synchrony to improve the consumer experience.

Learning Points:

  • Capturing and analyzing consumer data at every touch-point is paramount to understanding and engaging members through the entire customer journey
  • A true comprehensive profile can be developed from insights gathered from each member interaction and personalized recommendations based on these insights result in lower administrative and medical costs.
  • Empowering back office staff with a holistic member view results in higher first call resolution rates, promotion of self-service, and improved customer experience.

 Speaker: Mark Nathan, CEO, Zipari, Inc. 

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       Thursday, May 18, 2017 

               2 - 3 PM ET

Transform the Consumer Experience from the

Front Lines to the Back Office