We all know Private Health Insurance Exchanges are changing the healthcare landscape.  More employers are turning to them as a means to engage employees on the benefits of the health coverage  they offer hoping that more involved employees will ultimately reduce healthcare costs and administrative burdens.

Despite the great deal of information and publicity, do you really know if a Private Exchange is the right strategy for your organization? This webinar led by employers and early adopters of private exchange will provide informative and in-depth, real-world insights about the strategic thinking, evaluation proceedings, selection and implementation process of a private exchange for their employees. At the conclusion of this webinar you will have gained a wealth of information that will help you to evaluate and determine whether a private exchange approach could work for your organization.

  • Examine the true role of private exchanges in employment-based health benefits
  • Understand whether a private exchange model is right for your organization—and if it is, how you can get started down that path
  • Explore the decision making process and rationale used in considering, selecting and implementing an exchange
  • Checklist factors to consider when evaluating an exchange, including cost and compliance strategies
  • Take away valuable insights about whether this approach could work for your organization
  • Gain a clear overview of the private exchange marketplace and where it is heading
  • If you decide an exchange is right for your organization, learn proven techniques to effectively communicate with employees – ensuring they fully  understand the benefits and difference of a private exchange 

Speakers: Charlotte Anderson, Vice President, Benefits and Workers’ Compensation, ABHOW,  Dan Schuyler, Senior Director, Exchange Technology, Levitt Partners

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    Tuesday, March 29, 2016 | 1-2 PM ET

Is a Private Exchange Right For You? -- A Decision-Making Checklist You Must Heed Before Jumping In

Daniel Schuyler is a Senior Director at Leavitt Partners and helps guide the firm’s public and private health insurance exchange and payer services practice. He brings to the firm applied experience in the development and implementation of health insurance exchanges, having played a central role with the planning and development of Utah’s health insurance exchange (Avenue H).

Prior to his work with Leavitt Partners, Mr. Schuyler was the Director of Technology for Utah’s small group health insurance exchange (Avenue H) where he was responsible for defining the technical goals and business processes associated with the exchange. Utah’s exchange was only the second of its kind in the United States when created in 2009. The exchange allows residents and business owners to shop, compare, and buy health insurance plans online.

His leadership and expertise in area of public and private insurance exchanges often draws national attention as he is frequently cited in a number of publications including Politico, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Kaiser Health News, The New York Times, Bloomberg and Modern Healthcare. Dan has participated as a presenter, panelist, or moderator at a number of national conferences including those sponsored by the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), the National Governors Association (NGA), the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL), and America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP).

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Charlotte Andersonis the vice president of benefits  and workers’ compensation for ABHOW, a provider  of senior housing and healthcare.  She joined the  company in 2005, bringing over 25 years of  experience in employee benefits, workers’ compensation, work-life initiatives, and wellness in various industries, including  research, technology, consulting and medical  devices with such companies as Lawrence  Livermore National Laboratory, Maxtor, Silicon Graphics (SGI), Scient and Ocular Sciences. 

Her strategic approach is focused on designing

and implementing cost-effective programs that

have a positive impact on health care costs,

reduce absenteeism, and increase productivity,

while improving the work and personal lives of


Charlotte received her M.B.A. from

Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California  and her B.S. from California State University in Hayward, California.


Tuesday, March 29, 2016 | 1-2 PM ET

Informative, in-depth, real-world employer insights about the strategic thinking, evaluation, selection and implementation process of a private exchange that will help you decide whether a private exchange model is right for your organization.