The Secrets to Effective Value Based Payments—Making Your Organization Ready for Value-Based Payments, Commercial Shared Savings, Bundled Payments and Clinical Transformation

In-depth expert insights and best practices to ensure your organization is ready to meet the challenges of  value based payments transformation.

In the evolving healthcare reform business environment, moving from volume to value based payments or transforming to a value based enterprise is incredibly complex in terms of getting it right. And it requires an integrated approach, across the revenue model, the operating model, physician alignment and CIN development strategies. If the integrated approach is absent, providers almost always lose substantial amounts of money on risk-based payment models. As a provider in long-standing risk markets such as CA, it is extremely important to evolve in order to stay in business. While many providers have evolved, much of the country is having a very hard time moving away from FFS---and there is no risk free transition process.  

This webinar, led by Navigant, will provide clear insights to help you understand if your organization is ready for value-based payments transformation.

Topics covered include:

  • Environmental Context
  • Key Strategic Questions
  • Revenue Model of Tomorrow, Risks and APMs
  • Operating Model of Tomorrow and Risk Management
  • Provider-Payer Alliances...
  • A Reshuffling of the Card Deck or When the Music Stops... Will You Have a Chair?

 You will:

  • Understand what and where your risks are
  • Gain insights to develop a plan of action to prepare before entering into risk contracts
  • Strategies to manage risks better, post value-based payment agreements

Chris is a senior healthcare executive with nearly 30 years of operations, finance, managed care / contracting, M&A, strategic alliances, and new business development experience across hospital, physician organization, post-acute care and health plan industry verticals.

At present, Chris is working on two enterprise wide revenue model and payer strategy engagements (and recently finished the same for a major AMC) and two provider-payer product specific VBPs. The revenue model projects are designed to assess current state 3rd party payer payment changes (i.e., managed care, Medicare and state Medicaid); develop transition process strategies to move from FFS to alternate payment revenue models; assess current state vs. future state operational/care model capabilities needed; align the revenue model with future operating models, physician enterprise and CIN / population health initiatives as well as integrate with overall growth and market re-positioning strategies.

Other directly relevant experience to today’s presentation includes:

Deep experience in developing, negotiating and executing payer contract content and negotiation strategies for both FFS and alternate payment reimbursement models.

Facilitating provider-payer strategic alliances and preferential / collaborative working relationships.

Health Plan network strategy development for both FFS and alternate payment reimbursement models (e.g., shared savings, capitation, and bundled payments) as well as health plan product development and execution.
Hospital and physician alignment strategies for mutual strategic growth in core / non-core markets.

Over his career, Chris has directly negotiated more than 300 payer contracts and advised clients on over 1,000 contracts to help provider clients to improve their payer strategies / tactics, payer operations and financial revenue improvement outcomes.


  Monday, May 23, 2016, 1:00 – 2:00 PM EDT

SPEAKER: Christopher Kalkhof,  MHA, FACHE, Director Strategic Solutions / Value Transformation, Navigant

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​Monday, May 23, 2016, 1:00-2:00 pm EDT


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